General knowledge Questions and Answers

1. When she parted ____   her parents, her eyes were full of tears.
(A) from
(B) away
(C) off
(D) with 

2. He went ____ to oblige his superior
(A) on his way
(B) out of his way
(C) in his way
(D) with his way

3. During a period of protracted illness, the sick can become infirm, ____   both the strength to work and many of the specific skills that were once possessed.
(A) regaining
(B) denying
(C) pursuing
(D) losing 

4. The members of the religious sect ostracized the ____ who had abandoned their faith.
(A) coward
(B) litigant
(C) recreant
(D) suppliant

5. Would you mind ____the suitcase, Sir ?
(A) open
(B) opening
(C) to open
(D) opened

In Question Nos. 6 to 8 out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best  expresses the meaning of the given word
6. Impervious
(A) Audacious
(B) Haphazard
(C) Impenetrable
(D) Illogical

7. Peruse
(A) Overuse
(B) Examine
(C) Abuse
(D) Defuse

8.  Amicable
(A) Friendly
(B) Happy
(C) Perfect
(D) Joyous

Directions: In Question No. 9 and 10, Choose the word opposite meaning to the given word
9. Desecration
(A) Hopelessness
(B) Disbelief
(C) Veneration
(D) Manifestation

10. Yield
(A) Respond
(B) Survive
(C) Attack
(D) Resist 

1) Ans. (D) with
2) Ans. (B) out of his way
3) Ans. (D) losing
4) Ans. (C) recreant
5) Ans. (B) opening
6) Ans. (C) Impenetrable
7) Ans. (B) Examine
8) Ans. (A) Friendly
9) Ans. (C) Veneration
10) Ans. (D) Resist

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