General knowledge Questions and Answers

1) Rotterdam of Netherlands is largely famous for? - Shipbuilding

2) Optical glass used in the construction of spectacles is made by? - Flint glass

3) Sea of Poppies is written by? - Amitav Ghosh

4) Article 17 of Indian Constitution deals with? - Abolition of untouchability

5) UN observed which year as International year for women? - 1975

6) 'Human Rights Day’ is observed on? - December 10

7) Author of the book 'World of All Human Rights' is? - Soli Sorabji

8) When the Supreme Court in India was inaugurated? - 28 January, 1950

9) Madhubani' painting is related to which state? - Bihar

10) Who was the writer of the book ’Satyartha Prakash’? - Swami Dayanand Saraswati

11) When was the 3rd battle of Panipat fought? - 14 January, 1761

12) Where was the head office of the Indian National Army located? - Ragoon

13) Environment Protection Act (EPA) is also known as? - Umbrella Legislation

14) When did Swami Vivekanand delivered his speech in 'World Religion Conference' in Chicago city? - 1893

15) Which is the longest National Highway of India? - NH 7

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