General knowledge Questions and Answers

1) Foramen Magnum is an aperture found in the
(A) Ear
(B) Lung
(C) Girdle
(D) Skull

2. Who betrayed Siraj-ud-Daula in the Battle of Plassey in 1757?
(A) Hyder Ali
(B) Mir Qasim
(C) Mir Jaffar
(D) Nawab of Oudh

3. 'Kelp' is
(A) Sulphide mineral of iron
(B) Partially decomposed vegetation
(C) Sea weed rich in iodine content
(D) An aluminium silicate mineral 

4. Spot the odd item in the following :
(A) Basalt
(B) Ruby
(C) Emerald
(D) Sapphire

5. Light from the Sun reaches us in nearly
(A) 8 min
(B) 2 min.
(C) 6 min.
(D) 4 min.

6. Radar is used to
(A) locate submerged submarines.
(B) receive signal from radio receivers.
(C) detect and locate distant objects.
(D) locate geostationary satellites.

7. Optical fibre works on the principle of
(A) refraction
(B) scattering
(C) interference
(D) total internal reflection

8. Which application in Microsoft Office is feasible for preparing presentations?
(A) Microsoft Excel
(B) Microsoft Word
(C) Microsoft PowerPoint
(D) Microsoft Publishers

9. The language which was used to build Internet Pages in the beginning of Internet Technology is

10. Name the branch of Zoology that deals with the scientific study of animal behaviour.
(A) Ecology
(B) Physiology
(C) Ethology
( D) Anatomy 

1) Ans. (D) Skull
2) Ans. (C) Mir Jaffar
3) Ans. (C) Sea weed rich in iodine content
4) Ans. (A) Basalt
5) Ans. (A) 8 min
6) Ans. (C) detect and locate distant objects.
7) Ans. (D) total internal reflection
8) Ans. (C) Microsoft PowerPoint
9) Ans. (B) HTML
10) Ans. (C) Ethology

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