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Biology General Knowledge Questions and answers for preparing Examinations.

Chemical Co-ordination in Animals

#  Birth hormone?
Answer: Oxytoxin

#  Milk ejection hormone?
Answer: Oxytoxin

#  Hormone secreted by hypothalamus?
Answer: Vasopressin and Oxytoxin

#  An Anti Diuretic Hormone (ADH)?
Answer: Vasopressin

#  Hyposecretion of ADH causes a disorder known as?
Answer: Diabetes insipidus

#  Hormone promotes the reabsorption of water by kidney tubules?
Answer: Vasopressin

#  Supra renal gland?
Answer: Adrenal gland

#  Pyramid shaped yellowish gland situated over the kidney?
Answer: Adrenal glands

#  Emergency gland?
Answer: Adrenal glands

#  Emergency Hormone?
Answer: Adrenaline 

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