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Biology General Knowledge [GK] Questions and Answers

#   The ability of a cell to form a complete organism is called?
Answer: Totipotency

#  Plant cells differ from animal cells in having?
Answer: Cell wall

#  The most abundantly occurring component of the cell wall?
Answer: Cellulose

#  Energy is stored in the mitochondria as?
Answer: ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

#  ATP synthesis takes place in?
Answer: Mitochondria

#  Universal biological Energy currency?
Answer: ATP

#  ‘Power house’ of the cell?
Answer: Mitochondria

#  Chemical factories of the cell?
Answer: Mitochondria

#  Smallest cell organelle?
Answer: Ribosome

#  Cell organelle which is known as ‘Suicidal bags’?
Answer: Lysosomes

#  Disposal unit of a cell?
Answer: Lysosomes

#  Largest cell organelle?
Answer: Nucleus

#  The controlling centre of all vital activities of the cell?
Answer: Nucleus

#  Cell Nucleus was discovered by?
Answer: Robert Brown

#  Store house of hereditary information?
Answer: Cell Nucleus

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