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General Knowledge Questions and Answers for all Competitive Examinations.

#  The substance that gives colours to skin is:
Answer. Melanin

#  Who is the Father of Modern Genetics?
Answer. Gregor Mendel

#  The period of the pregnancy of an elephant is:
Answer. 22 months

#  The founder of I.N.A was:
Answer. Subhash Chandra Bose

#  The first writer to get the Jnanpith Award was:
Answer. G. Sankara Kurup
#  Which amendment to the Constitution was recommended by Sardar Swaran Singh Committee:
(a) 72
(b) 42
(c) 73
(d) 86
Answer: 42

The Preamble of the Indian Constitution has been amended .........:
(a) Once
(b) Twice
(c) Thrice
(d) Never
Answer: Once

The High Courts may issue writs under Article .........:
(a) 32
(b) 226
(c) 139
(d) 24
Answer: 226

Which writ is issued to a detaining authority:
(a) Prohibition
(b) Certiorari
(c) Habeas Corpus
(d) Mandamus
Answer: Habeas Corpus