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Botany General Knowledge Questions and Answers

#  Split genes are discovered by?
Answer: Sharp & Robertis

#  Which Amino acid known as bacterial amino acid?
Answer: Diamino pimelic acid

Rephano brassica is an example for?
Answer: Allopolyploid

Recently discovered non-leguminous nitrogen fixing
Answer: Acatobacter paspali

Largest organelle of a plant cell?
Answer: Vacuole

Which plant is called water fly trap?
Answer: Aldrovanda

Intra nuclear mitosis is known as?
Answer: Karyochoresis

Father of plant physiology
Answer: Stephen Hales

The simplest biological light energy transducer?
Answer: Bacteriorhodopsin

Reagent used in RNA extraction is?
Answer: Guanadinium thiocyanate

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