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Physics General Knowledge Objective Questions and Answers

#  When a constant force is applied to a body, it moves with uniform?
(a) Speed
(b) Acceleration
(c) Velocity
(d) Retardation
Answer: (b) Acceleration

A body starting from rest moves with a constant acceleration of 4 m/m2. Find the distance covered by the body after 10 second?
(a) 40 m
(b) 120 m
(c) 80 m
(d) None of these
Answer: (d) None of these

Which of the following is a scalar quantity?
(a) Mass
(b) Time
(c) Volume
(d) None of these
Answer: (a) Mass

Two wires with resistance R1 and R2 are combined in parallel. What will be the effective resistance?
(a) R1R2
(b) R1R2/R1R2
(c) R1+R2
(d) R1/R2
Answer: (b) R1R2/R1R2

What is the unit of Universal gas constant?
(a) Watt
(b) Joule
(c) Nm2/Kg2
(d) N/kg2
Answer: (c) Nm2/Kg2

What is the Magnetism at the centre of the bar magnet?
(a) Maximum
(b) Minimum
(c) Zero
(d) None of these
Answer: (b) Minimum

At which of the following place ‘g’ is maximum?
(a) Equator
(b) Earth’s Crust
(c) Poles
(d) None of these
Answer: (a) Equator

1 HP=…………….. Watt?
(a) 647
(b) 746
(c) 467
(d) 764
Answer: (b) 746

According to Ohm’s Law
(a) R=VI
(b) R=V/I
(c) R=I/V
(d) V=R/I
Answer: (b) R=V/I


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