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General Science Important General Knowledge Questions and Answers

#  Some organs in the human body lie partly on the left side and partly on the right side. The example of this is
(a) Heart
(b) Pancreas
(c) Spleen
(d) None of the above

#  Physiology is the study of the
(a) Structure of the body
(b) Cells in the body
(c) Functions of the human body
(d) All of the above

#  All of the following are closely allied to Physiology, except
(a) Bio-chemistry
(b) Cytology
(c) Entomology
(d) Physics

#  Sodium depletion occurs in excessive sweating, and cannot be corrected by drinking water alone. When uncorrected, it may lead to
(a) Muscle cramps, loss of energy, fatigue and faintness
(b) Increase of urea in blood
(c) Swelling of ankles and feet
(d) Renal failure

#  Which of the following regulates and controls the entry of light into the human eye?
(a) Anterior chamber
(b) Cornea
(c) Iris
(d) Retina

#  Retina in the eye acts as a
(a) Lens in the camera
(b) Shutter in the camera
(c) Film in the camera
(d) None of the above

#  The heart of a normal adult human being weighs about
(a) 200 grams
(b) 300 grams
(c) 400 grams
(d) 500 grams

#  In a normal human adult (at resting position), how much blood does the heart pump per minute?
(a) 1 litre
(b) 3 litre
(c) 5 litre
(d) 7 litre

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