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Physics GK Questions and Answers

#  One calorie equals?
Answer: 4.2 Joule

#  Normal body temperature is?
Answer: 36.90 C or 98.40 F

#  Instrument to measure temperature is?
Answer: Thermometer

#  The temperature at which solid changes to a liquid is called?
Answer: Melting point of sold

#  Lowest melting point has?
Answer: Mercury (-38.80 C)

#  Highest melting point has?
Answer: Tungsten (34100 C)

#  Change of liquid to gaseous state is called?
Answer: Evaporation

#  The amount of heat required to melt unit mass of substance?
Answer: Heat of fusion

#  The amount of water vapour present in air is known as?
Answer: Humidity

#  Change from vapour to liquid is called?
Answer: Condensation

#  The temperature at which liquid solidifies is called?
Answer: Freezing point

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