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Historically Important Places

#   Mount Blanc: It is the highest mountain peak in Europe in the Alps on the confines of Italy and France.

#   Yellow Sea: It is a sea between China and Korea.

#   Lumbini: It is the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal.

#   Kremlin: It is in Moscow. It is the headquarters of Russia.

#   Pearl Harbour: US naval base in Hawai Island. The Japanese attack of this brought them into the second world war.

#   Pentagon: It is in Washington. It is the defence head-quarters of USA.

#   Pisa: It is in Italy, well known for its leaning tower.

#   Victoria Falls: It is on river Zambezi in Central Africa. It is 1,700 metres wide.

#   Potala: It is in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Dalai Lama’s palace is situated here.

#   Monte Carlo: It is in France, famous for the luxurious resorts and world-renowned car rally.

#   Great Wall of China: 2,400 km long wall constructed by the Chinese Emperor Shih Hwang Ti.


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