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General Knowledge Questions and Answers for all Competitive Examinations :

#   Who is the new chief of Intelligence Bureau (IB)?
Answer: Syed Asif Ibrahim

#   Who is the new chief of CBI?
Answer: Ranjit Sinha

#   When a yellow coloured flower is placed in red light its colour becomes?
Answer: Red

#   Anti Tobacco Day is on:
Answer: May 31

#   Who is known as the Father of Internet?
Answer: G. Vinton Cerf

#   ‘The Land of Cakes’ is:
Answer: Scotland

#   Which cloud indicates a clear weather?
Answer: Cumulus

#   The greenhouse gas is:
Answer: Carbon dioxide

#   The author of Alice in wonderland:
Answer: Lewis Carrol

#   Birds can able to recognize their home through:
Answer: Orientation of magnetic field

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