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Indian Geography GK Questions and answers :

The river which originates Kulu hills near Rohtang pass:
Answer: Beas

The river which originates near the Chemayungdung glacier near mansarovar lake:
Answer: Brahmaputra

Which river originates near Lahul in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Chenab

The river which originates from thriambak hills:
Answer: Godavari

Which state has the largest mangrove forest area?
Answer: West Bengal

Which state has the second largest mangrove forest area?
Answer: Gujarat

Which state has the least forest area?
Answer: Punjab

Which state has the least percentage of forest area?
Answer: Punjab

The headquarters of the Forest Survey of India:
Answer: Dehra Dun

The only crator lake in India:
Answer: Lonar

In which state is Lonar lake?
Answer: Maharashtra

Nalsarovar lake is in the state of:
Answer: Gujarat

The saltiest lake in India:
Answer: Sambhar

In which state is Sambhar lake?
Answer: Rajastan

Kasiranga national park in Assam is famous for:
Answer: One horned Rhino

Keolodeo national park is in the state of:
Answer: Rajastan

In which state is Elephanta caves?
Answer: Maharashtra

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