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#  _____ is the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to sections of disadvantaged and low-income segments of society :
    Inclusive Financing or Financial Inclusion

#  Which bank has extended USD 46 million line of credit to Mauritius for financing goods and defence related vehicles purchases? :
     Exim Bank

#  Expand AML-
    Anti-Money Laundering

#  Which team became the winner of IPL 7, held in Bangalore?
    Kolkata Knightriders

#  Which team became the runner up of IPL7?
    Kings IX Punjab

#  Expand the term PIN-
    Personal Identification Number

#  Rickets deficiency is caused in human body by lack of which Vitamin?
    Vitamin D

#  Angela Merkel received which award recently?
    Indira Gandhi Prize for the year 2013

#  Indicash ATM is established by which organization?
    Tata Payment Solution

#  Who is the author of “God of Small Things”?
    Arundhati Roy

#  Which country is the winner of Uber Cup 2014?

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