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Boundaries and Borders between Different Countries | Famous Lines and Frontiers :

#  Boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan - Durand Line

#  Boundary between India and China - McMahon Line

#  Line between India and Pakistan - Radcliff Line

#  Line between North and South Vietnam - 17th Parallel

#  Line between North and South Korea - 38th parallel

#  Border between France and Germany - Maginot Line

#  The line which Pakistan claims to be the boundary line between India and Pakistan (Not acceptable to India) - 20th parallel.

#  The border between USA and Canada - 49th Parallel

#  The border between Germany and Poland - Oder–Neisse Line

#  Boundary between Germany and Poland - Hindenburg Line

#  Boundary between Namibia and Angola - 16th Parallel

#  Boundary between Russia and Finland - Mannerheim Line


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