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First in the World  | General Knowledge Questions  :

#   The first person to reach North Pole – Robert Peary

#   The first person to reach South Pole – Amundsen

#   The first religion of the world – Hinduism

#   The first country to print book – China

#   The first country to issue paper currency – China

#   The first country to commence competitive examination in civil services – China

#   The first President of the U.S.A – George Washington

#   The first Prime Minister of Britain – Robert Walpole

#   The first Governor General of the United Nations – Trigveli (Norway)

#   The first country to prepare a constitution – U.S.A

#   The first Governor General of Pakistan – Mohd. Ali Jinnah

#   The first country to host NAM summit –Yugoslavia

#   The first European to attack India – Alexander, The Great

#   The first European to reach China – Marco Polo

#   The first person to fly aero plane – Wright Brothers

#   The first person to sail round the world – Magellan

#   The first country to send man to the moon – U.S.A

#   The first country to launch Artificial satellite in the space – Russia

#   The first country to host the modern Olympics – Greece

#   First human in space - Yuri Gagarin (Russia)

#   The first city on which the atom bomb was dropped – Hiroshima (Japan)

#   The first person to land on the moon – Neil Armstrong followed by Edwin E. Aldrin

#   The first shuttle to go in space – Columbia

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