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Botany General Awareness Questions and Answers  | Plant Movements :

#   Bending of stem towards light is due to?
Answer: Phototropism

#   Sunlight stimulate the plant movement is called?
 Answer: Heliotropism

#   Movement of the plant organs in response to the force of gravity is called?
Answer: Geotropism

#   Water stimulate the plant movement is called?
Answer: Hydrotropism

#   Chemicals stimulate the plant movements is called?
Answer: Chemotropism

#   Growth of pollen tube towards the Embryo sac is due to?
Answer: Chemotropism

#   The movement of an organ induced by contact with a foreign body?
Answer: Haptotropism

#   Growth movement in response to the Heat or Cold is called?
Answer: Thermotropism

#   Alternation of day and night causes plant movement called?
Answer: Nyctinastic Movement

#    Movement of Mimosa is due to?
Answer: Seismonastic Movement

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