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Photosynthesis: General Knowledge Questions and Answers :

#  Number of plant nutrients?
Answer: 17

#  Who classified plant nutrients?
Answer: Arnon

#  Soilless cultivation is known as?
Answer: Hydroponics

#  The technique of growing plants their roots bathed in Nutrient mist is called?
Answer: Aeroponics

#  Spraying of nutrient solution directly on the leaves of plant?
Answer: Foliar Spray

#  Photosynthetic pigment?
Answer: Chlorophyll

#  Green pigments?
Answer: Chlorophyll

#  Structural Constituent of Chlorophyll?
Answer: Magnesium

#  Site of light reaction of Photosynthesis?
Answer: Granum

#  Site of dark reaction of Photosynthesis?
Answer: Stoma

#  Photosynthesis is maximum in which light?
Answer: Red light

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