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India in Olympics General Knowledge Questions and Answers | India in Olympic Games

#   India participated for the first time in ......... Olympics?
Answer: 1900, Paris

#   Who represented India at the 1900 Paris Olympics?
Answer: Norman Pritchard

#   How many gold medals Indian Hockey Team has won in the Olympic Game so far?
Answer: Eight

#   The total number of medals won by the Hockey team for India at the Olympic Games is .........? Answer: 11 (Gold-8, Silver-1, Bronze-2)

#   In which year Indian Hockey team won the first gold medal in the Olympics?
Answer: 1928, Amsterdam

#   Indian Hockey team won the Olympics gold for the last time in .........?
Answer: 1980, Moscow

#   In which Olympics Indian Hockey Team won the Silver medal?
Answer: 1960, Rome

#   Who was independent India’s first individual Olympic medalist?
Answer: K D Jadhav

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