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Physics General Knowledge Objective Questions and Answers

#  Which of the following is associated with Doppler Effect?
(a) Magnetism
(b) Motor
(c) Sound
(d) Light
Answer: (c) Sound

#  Force/Area is the formulae of …………?
(a) Pressure
(b) Density
(c) Mass
(d) Surface tension
Answer: (a) Pressure

#  Hydrogen Bomb is based on the principle of:
(a) Nuclear fusion
(b) Nuclear fission
(c) Separation
(d) None
Answer: (a) Nuclear fusion

#  Rocket works on the principle of conservation of:
(a) Mass
(b) Momentum
(c) Volume
(d) None of these
Answer: (b) Momentum

#  What is the escape velocity from Earth’s surface?
(a) 12 Km/sec
(b) 11.2 Km/sec
(c) 11 Km/sec
(d) 12.4 Km/sec
Answer: (b) 11.2 Km/sec

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