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Chemistry General Knowledge Objective Questions and Answers :-

#   The equation of gas laws is?
(a) P1V1T1=P2V2T2
(b) P1V1 / P2V2 = T1/ T2
(c) P1T1/V1 = P2T2/V2
(d) V1T1/P1 = V2T2/P2
Answer: (b) P1V1 / P2V2 = T1 / T2

#   Name the metal which is found in liquid state at room temperature?
(a) Silicon
(b) Soda water
(c) Mercury
(d) Iron
Answer: (c) Mercury

#   The value of Avogadro Number is:
(a) 6.023x1022
(b) 6.023x1021
(c) 60.023x1023
(d) 60.023x1022
Answer: (c) 60.023x1023

#   The electronic configuration of AI(13) is:
(a) 1, 9, 3
(b) 2, 9, 2
(c) 2, 8, 3
(d) 2, 10, 1
Answer: (c) 2, 8, 3

#   The chemical formula of plaster of paris is?
(a) CaSO42H2O
(b) CaSO4H2O
(c) (CaSO4)2H2O
(d) CaSO4
Answer: (a) CaSO42H2O

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